Untitled thoughts on Parenting

There is a lot of responsibility on a parent. It is often told to us that our children are a reflection of the parents. But is that always true? Sometimes, you may find yourself modelling the best behavior, settling limits and going by the book and yet your child does not come across as a fine person.

Living by example is great thing. To be a good teacher, you must practice what you preach. But should you expect instant results? No.

As parents, we take on the responsibility of our child’s behavior. But we need to understand behavior and character cannot be intermingled. What the child cannot express correctly in words, he/she will externalize through actions and the outbursts could be in the form of verbal or physical defiance.

Should you blame yourself? No. Should you introspect? Yes. And if you feel you are doing everything that you can do within your capacity, then sometimes it is important to let go and give space. Space to your feelings and your child’s feelings. Don’t let others opinions on your parenting affect you or define you as a parent.

Yep, that’s what I am thinking today.


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