Mom, For the woman you are. The woman I want to be. The Woman I can be.

It is so difficult to write about your mother. I drafted and re-drafted this several times and still I can’t help but feel at a loss for words to express this profound feeling.

Can we single out one day in a year to celebrate the most important person in our life? The reason for our existence!

To me each day is Mother’s Day. #EachdayisMothersDay.

I feel it when she packs my lunch each morning and kisses me goodbye. When she waits for me to return and ask me how my day went and makes me dinner. I feel it when she leaves all that she is doing, to speak to me and discuss random things at the breakfast table. She is my sounding board and each day I look forward to talking to her. Each day, she welcomes my rambling with great enthusiasm and interest. Never making me feel like she’s tired or bored of me.There are times I complain, I vent, I breakdown and each time she helps me to get back up and face the world. She my pillar of strength and support.

But, amongst all her lovely qualities, the most beautiful aspect of her personality is her calm and joyous nature.

She has seen us – dad, me and my brother through tumultuous times, and yet, she if you look at her, she would appear to be absolutely unaffected by the storms in her life. Just like in this picture, she is always smiling.

Few people know that she fought bravely with my father in his battle against Cancer for seven long years and not once during those years that we saw her weeping, looking despondent or depressed. Her beautiful smile and calm persona, helped my father see through difficult and multiple surgeries and chemotherapy sessions. Sadly, in 2002, we lost him but days before he left us, he shared with me in the ICU ward, “I haven’t appreciated your mother enough but I do want you to tell her that even after I am gone, she must not lose her laughter. It lights up our life and all those who she meets. Tell her that I will be watching her, and want her to look beautiful – always”.

Despite losing her pillar of support, my mother – undefeated and brave – kept going on, encouraging and motivating me and bhai in all our endeavors – looking beautiful as ever. Just as our father wanted her to be.

Today, when I look back, I see that my own life has not been perfect. I have not been able to give her the happiness and peace that she deserved. I have battled a difficult marriage and am a single parent, but she’s the reason I feel blessed each day of my life.

So, just as I celebrate being a mother each day to my gorgeous 9 year old, I feel blessed and grateful to be the daughter of such an amazing woman.


Mom, For the woman you are. The woman I want to be. The Woman I can be. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Love ~

From your children – Karuna, Sameer & Vrishni


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