Move On

I want to move on not stay..I don’t like static..not stillness…
I am in love with movement..movement of thoughts..bodies..words..
I want to inhale..a little more of this experience it’s splendor..the foggy mornings and the cold nights..
the warmth of the sun and the misty and dusty days..I want to move on not stay…
what’s gone will pass away..
with the enchantment of today..
I don’t want to stay..I want to move..
to find a new path..a new way..
take me not back into the old, drab rusted pathways..
offering nothing but a scent of withered flowers crushed by the selfish footsteps of a passerby…
now thrown carelessly on a broken staircase of a house unnumbered, where no one no longer stays..
I want to move the a place with open sights…
where the land merges into the sky and the wind carries whispers of sweet delight…




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