One Simple Trick that will get your kids to stop interrupting

On any regular day, I come across atleast 5-10 meaningful articles that I love to read and share. Other than that I do my own research based on the everyday reactions and responses of my Lil’ Miss 8. Most of the time with help from expert counsel and some articles that I read on the web, I am able to tackle the most challenging of situations with kiddo. But there is this one thing that I have been struggling with that makes me wanna wish that aliens took me away for their next experiment! Really it is so bugging that it drives me nuts!

Over the years (yep years!) I have tried all possible tricks including consequences, reward system to get Lil’ Miss 8 to learn how not to interrupt when I am on the other line or talking to someone else. Well, it didn’t work for a long time until I came across really simple trick.

Teach Your Child not to Interrupt in One Simple Step

So, here is a reproduction from the article:

“I was chatting with her one day when her (then 3-year-old) son wanted to say something. Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her wrist and waited. My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting.

After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him. I was in awe! So simple. So gentle. So respectful of both the child and the adult.

My husband and I started implementing this straight away. We explained to Jack and Sarah that if they want to talk and someone is already speaking they need to place their hand on our wrist and wait. It took some practice and a few light taps on our own wrists as gentle reminders but I am so happy to report that the interrupting has all but stopped!!

No more, ‘wait’. No more, ‘Please don’t interrupt’. Just a simple visual gesture; a little touch of the wrist. That’s all.

Give it a try. It works!”

holding wrist

To be honest, it did take a while for her to catch on to it but I think we are slowly and gradually getting there. Apart from this, I also get her to write a note for me and stick it on my hand. Here is another technique that works with my kiddo – I told her whenever she has something important to say, she should tap me lightly and say “can I have your attention mommy for 2 mins” and then wait, and wait. If the call is not with a client or a work colleague, I will hold and give you 2 quick mins to say what you have to say but if I am on an important call, I will simply gesture “work call” and you have to wait or write to me what’s so urgent.

Well, this is what I do. I would love to know how do you  get your child to not interrup. 🙂 Would love to hear from fellow mommy blogger!

Until then, it’s Ciao from KaT & Kiddo!





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