How you can teach emotions in kids through eggs!

I’m constantly learning and experimenting with various techniques and ideas that might just work to help kids deal with emotions. Every now and then we have our meltdowns and at that point there is pretty much nothing you can do BUT after the moment has passed and we are all calmer, it helps to have the kiddo express his/her emotions through interactive play. 

I found this excellent idea on that parents, teachers and therapists could use to potentially help their children learn more about emotions in a fun and interesting way. All you need is a bunch of plastic easter eggs that break in halves and a permanent marker.

What you need to do:

  • Draw a variety of facial expressions on each of the plastic eggs
  • Give it to your little one to break and mix them up to create a whole lot of new and interesting emotions

Making a tool for learning about emotions

You can use these eggs to talk about her emotions and why the egg is feeling in a certain way. There is a lot more you can do with these eggs like role playing, mirror-mirror, copycats and much more.

I absolutely loved this idea by Kate. You too should visit her blog for many more such wonderful ideas. Here is a link to her post – Tool for teaching emotions in kids



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