The Quote by Nelson Mandela that made me “think”

In this day and age, we skim through a lot of information without really registering anything in much detail. We read a lot and remember too little. Gone are the days when we would read something in a book or paper and ponder on it for a while. We consume information like bits of cornflakes, that too really fast because we want to enjoy its freshness and crispness and quickly reach for the next spoonful. Afterall, there is so much to be seen and read.

Writing on the other hand allows one to reflect on one’s thoughts. So, while breezing past FB posts, this quote made me stop for a while. I wanted to “think”, reflect on the words, and truly absorb them for my understanding.

This one for example is for keeps.


nelson mandelaWhen I started writing this blog, it was a choice driven out of my passion for learning and sharing. Sometime last year, I stopped being as consistent as I should have been towards doing that and that was perhaps because I started to feel fear – yes – fear of not being able to express or write well enough. My mind started to go blank because I set this standard for myself and felt fear of not being able to reach it. So, each time I opened the dashboard, I saw a bunch of posts left in draft and seeing those I felt, oh god will and how will I ever be able to do justice to any of those ideas. I shut down. I allowed my fear to drive my choice – to not write.

And then looking at this quote I thought..hmm..may your choices reflect hope and NOT fear… not writing on the blog, what does it say about me or my choices? And my mind shouted right back at me – FEAR. So, there is it is. My moment of enlightenment.

I made a choice to write on this blog because it gave me something to look forward to and now due to my own stupid fears I literally let it go.

I am going to ponder a bit more on this, and really let it seep in.

If you are reading this post, well, I hope this quote has the same introspective impact on you. Have a good day!







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