Specially-abled…You, me..all of us.

Dear Kiddo ~

I have so much to share with you. In the last few weeks, since I met *your* Shipra Ma’am, I’ve learned much about children with special abilities. Shipra, who is a Special Educator, tutors children with special abilities (i don’t like to say disorder because technically I don’t find a lot of us ‘in-order’..right hehe. Much of it which you will learn n understand when you grow up;) anyway..). These types of children are either suffering from severe perception issues, autism or are just differently-abled. She provides them with support that helps them to lead independent lives. This pretty much starts with helping them to read, write and communicate.

We are so lucky that we have everything ‘in order’. But, does that mean those who are not should consider themselves unlucky and stress and fret everyday of their lives, thinking god, nature has been unfair to them? Well, not sure how I should put it exactly but definitely we are part of a society where ‘differently-abled’ are treated ‘differently’. Why? Because, there are things which they can’t execute without support which we ordinary folks can do pretty much on our own. So, yes, in that sense, we are called ‘lucky’. But, I rather put this in a different way for your understanding –

Each of us is ‘differently-abled’ in one way or the other. Just like someone has keen ear for music or is a musician, other a skilled carpenter, construction worker, cartoonist, sculpturer, IT geek, numbers wizard, or just plain ol’ himself. We are all unique in our capabilities and skill-sets with some sort of overlaps with each other. You must try and recognize what’s unique in You, what drives YOU and motivates YOU everyday. Identify it, work on it, pursue it with all your heart and you will be happy. Most importantly, the message I want to drive home is, Darling, I want you to feel grateful for what you have and not fret for what you don’t.

Note that in the above sentence, I said ‘happy’ not successful. Because, there are too many measurements to success. Wealth, power, money (really like how much..heheh). Happiness has only ONE, i.e., self-contentment.

Life should be journey for you to enjoy what you have with all its tastes and flavors. Feel grateful for every living breath and make something of it. You are not alone in this struggle of life. All of us are striving everyday. You don’t have to reach anywhere. Just find out what you love, and put all your energy into it. You will find your centre – your space.

We are specially-abled sweetie. We all are. We just need to find out what god gave us i.e. is so special.



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