10 Alternatives to Calling Your Daughter a Princess

When my daughter was born, the first few years, I easily succumbed to calling her ‘my princess’. This was NOT to enforce some standard of beauty. Most of the time, it just sorta came naturally. The last couple of years, I have consciously stopped calling her my “princess”. For some reason (and thanks to the fairytales) as she started to get a better hang of things around her, the word ‘princess’ did not really sounded like a term of endearment to her but she felt that perhaps in some way we idealized the characteristics of a Disney princesses and wanted her to be like one of them. The good thing is that we go over the “princessy” phase because she felt the traditional Disney princesses are too boring, as they sit around plucking flowers, singing songs and waiting for Prince Charming. So, came the ‘Rockstar Barbie’ phase. In my opinion, that wasn’t too great either. Barbies are thin with perfect hair and body. So, we were pretty much dangling in the same space of prefect prettiness, though it was kind of fun to watch her pick the Guitar and pretend to be a rockstar with all the cool rockstar moves. Interestingly, at that time she was also learning a cool dance number on Pink’s “So What” in her dance class.

Btw, I am not anti-princess. I am concerned with what is associated with “princess” or what my daughter sees or places with it. I do have a problem if my girl epitomizes the “princess culture or concept” of wallowing in everything from fancy castles to jewels to sparkly crowns to a closet full of dresses or that all happy endings including “marriage” or a kiss from Prince Charming. <blech>But, as long as she knows and sees positive role-models or princesses that are brave, courageous, playful, and kind, I am OK.

That said –

Finally, we are in this awesome phase, where she has grown out of Barbie dolls and the Disney princesses. She has made up her mind that she wants to be a SAMURAI. Read MOM WHAT WILL I BE WHEN I GROW UP? Ain’t that cool! So that’s what I call her (upon her insistence) “My Samurai Girl”!

Now, I wish I came up with something more innovative and real earlier. But I guess they are smart enough to find their way around. 🙂

Btw, I did find this cool post on HuffingtonPost which refers to a bunch of kick-ass alternatives to calling your daughter a “princess”!


Source: Huffington Post


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