Can I Love Yous be Enough

Kiddo and I say I Love You’s enough times in a day to put any Hollywood movie to shame. No matter how many times I express my love for her, it is never enough.


the expression is different every single time. Morning, it’s more like a sleepy ‘i love you’, ‘don’t make me go to school, I love u sooo much’, or just before I drop her to the car pool point, which is more like ‘ya.. i sorta love you!’, its so standoffish that it doesn’t quite feel like ‘love’ at all, then after school, on the phone, which is more like a distracted ‘I love you’ because we are watching our favorite cartoon show, so ya I love you..let’s talk later”. In the evening, at dinner time, it is more like humble “I love you”, it is more of a “I don’t want to eat that vegetable, so can love make up for it!”, but the most genuine and sweetest is right before snooze time. I stuff her into a warm blanket and before she dozes off, she puts her arms around my neck and whispers ‘I love you mama’.

It is the most awesome thing happened to me since…like my parents happened to me, my father did the waltz with me on “love me do’, which btw was not even close to waltz, blessed with two left feet, he only knew how to swing like a pendulum and in that slow and lazy dancing motion, he would often nod his head and smile, or when my mother hugged me and said ‘I love you so much”, which happened like two weeks ago, so I don’t know if that counts.  🙂 So you see I’ve had pretty awesome moments but by far this is quite the most AWESOMEST.

I know once she’s all grown up, like all grown-ups do, they forget to tell their loved ones ‘I love you’, she might just forget too but my heart says, she is different, unlike me, she will tell her mother, every now and then –

“Mama I love you”….

Who did you say “I love you” to recently?


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