Getting it Back Together

I have decided to write this post as a completely random one, almost jolting myself into writing. Writing for me is therapeutic. It is not just airing good and bad feelings but just letting the thoughts go and interestingly, they find their way into words. Not the best or the finest words, but just words.

Last couple of weeks have been crazy. I experienced deep in-turns and out-turns, mentally and emotionally. My faith in my practice (as I shared earlier in one of my posts, I practice Nicherin Daishonin’s Budhism) has been tested and rewarded within a span of few days. I have really, really pushed myself, bringing out the best in me, in the most trying circumstances. But the battle is not over. I don’t even know how long it will go on either. But one thing I can say confidently after all these months that I now have people, who I know will stand by me, who I can trust implicitly and that alone gives me truck loads of courage, perhaps even more.

That said, due to the fast pace of my life last 15 days, I have been feeling as if my creativity has been numbed. My mind has been raging with thoughts and actions that need to be taken and in all of this, writing for the blog, which is solely my personal space, has taken a back seat.

One thing I can concur that when you are upset with the external world, in reality it is in those times, you are most cruel on yourself. Like I stopped writing even though I love to write. I stopped paying attention to my creative intuitions and urges as opposed to allowing myself to be carried away by the amazing storm of creative thoughts. While, people and circumstances may not go as we want, why is it that we in-turn stop loving ourselves and loving the things we do and are prepared to throw away even in the last bits of sanity, peace and joy for the un-spectacular world outside?

So, I decided, good or bad, I will write and will allow myself to be carried away by the wonderful things that happen in my head space. I will stop acting like I am disillusioned with the world but will do and cherish the little things that make me smile. Really, happiness takes effort! Bit by bit, brick by brick!

So I have decided to nail down my Top 10 happy things that happened to me in the last 15 days –

1. I met my nephew for the first time since his birth and he is super duper adorable (just like all other babies are!!)

2. The MMMMM Family nominated me for the Bouquet of Three Award. So amazing. So you guys actually read my blog! WOW! Thanks! 😀

3. I am happy to know YOU and for all YOUR wonderful support and for giving me encouragement (you know who you are)

4. I had such an awesome time at my friend Poo’s bday last night – after a really loooong time! She is super duper AWESOME!

5. My Bro got me the most awesomest pair of boots from Portland. He is so amazing and thoughtful and love him loads!

6. Coffee and Conversations

7. Something very important came through on Friday. Change of events. 🙂 It shows the wheel of life is always moving. So, if it’s cold, remember, winter always turns to spring!

8. I am thinking, thinking…hope I am not missing anything!

9. I am learning about new things and excited about learning more.

10.  We had a new addition to our family – his name is GRU!

Here’s to a wonderful Sunday and even more wonderful week ahead! 


Btw, what’s your happiness list of the week? Keep me posted!

Love & Warmth

KaT & Kiddo


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