Is being a mommy enough?

Drum Roll Please for our first ever Guest Blogger MEGHA SAXENA — Mother of two awesome cupcakes! Here is her mommy tale –


This one question must have crossed every mommy’s mind at least once, while few of them (including me) ask this to themselves quite often!

Do you yearn for few hours of silence and solitude in your busy days? Do you once in a while want to carry that trendy hand bag with a sleek dress instead of a hefty baby bag or want to flaunt your hair loose rather than tying them in a boring pony tail? Or while meeting an old friend (of course the one with no kids) you start relieving those old carefree days one again and want them to come back!

Well, don’t feel guilty! You are not alone. Even a stay-at-home-mother by choice like me, keeps yearning to go back to work and shape up her career like rest of her colleagues. Every other mommy that I meet has these feelings and rest of them prefer not speaking about it.

Having these questions in your mind doesn’t make you a bad mother, trust me, it’s normal. So is being a mommy enough? May be not, at least not for the modern woman, who wants to rule the world and make her mark in the society.

But what’s the point thinking all this and not doing anything about it. It will just make you more and more annoyed and dissatisfied. Instead, make some efforts and keep yourself happy, hence a good mommy.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Health and Fitness: Focus on your health. Being a mommy is a tiring job and it takes away a lot of nutrition from you. Take a walk, exercise, do yoga, eat healthy and stay fit. This will keep your mind pretty occupied and will make you a healthy and fit mommy for your kid.

    Mommy Yoga

    Mommy Yoga

  • Develop a Hobby: Ok! So what was that one thing you always wanted to pursue in your life, but couldn’t do it, because you didn’t had time? Singing, Dancing, doing a personal development course, cooking. Now when you have all the time in world (of course for stay at home mothers), pursue it and make yourself proud.
  • Redecorate your room / home: Well now this is a project that can take forever to complete, but it’s definitely worth it. Get new ideas, implement simple things first to see how you feel about it and if clicks with your schedule and baby, go for it. PocketfulofPretty has some interesting DIY ideas to re-decorate your home.
  • Read, watch movies: Develop a habit of reading. With all those smart phones in the world, reading is not a thing that
    needs heavy books. Read small articles on topics that interest you. Download books you love and read it while nursing your baby or watching your kid play. Watch all those old favorite movies while your kid is away at school or sleeping. You can find awesome movies at IMDB. You can pick and choose your favorite.
  • Go out with your friends and gossip: Ask your husband or near relative to watch the kid for couple of hours and hit your favorite restaurant with your friends. Remember the Sex and the City gals. Frankly, spending time with your friends is therapeutic. So, go for it!
  • Meditate: Meditate to remove all the negative energy and stay positive. This will also help you feel like yourself again and will make you more patient with the whole motherhood business. BUT, if you are too busy to mediate or don’t know how to get started, read this – if you are too busy to mediate
  • Spend time with your husband: Leave the kid for couple of hours with her Grandparents or aunts and spend some quality time with your husband. Speak your mind out, talk about your problems and then come to a solution jointly. Of course don’t forget little bit of flirting and romance, else you will be one nagging wife, who he will no longer tolerate. Go for couple spa. 🙂 OR you can find some super flirty and romantic ideas here 101+ Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner
  • Last but not the least, your kid:  Just remember the pain and discomfort you took to bring that little wonder in this world. Look at those pretty eyes and innocent smile that can make all the pain vanish away. Spend time with your baby, do activities together, sing rhymes, dance, play and learn together. And you will feel like the happiest person in the world.

Happy Moms are the Prettiest!

These are tried and tested methods and have worked pretty well for me. I really hope many moms could benefit from them.

In the end always remember, being a mother is a blessing and yes day-to-day challenges can overwhelm you and diminish the mommy-charm but let’s all try to overcome ’em and stay happy! A happy mom raises happy kids!

About Megha:

Megha Saxena - Our First Ever Guest Blogger

Megha Saxena – Our First Ever Guest Blogger

Part time digital marketer and a stay-at-home-mom by choice. She loves her kids a lot, but also likes to spend time with her friends. An optimist by nature, she loves to travel, trying new cuisines and shopping. New at blogging, hoping to make it a full time hobby very soon. She just started my blog and you can follow her here –


3 thoughts on “Is being a mommy enough?

  1. great article, but this is relevant to everyone in general, not just mommies . I am sure dad’s too will find this very interesting, thought they might find a few things they want to switch out.. lol

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