The truth about making babies

You have to read this. Really, it’s true. Please scroll down till the end and read some of the comments. They are super funny too! 😀

mummy flying solo

Baby-dance: (verb) sex when fertile with the intention of getting knocked up

Yup. That’s what they call it. The baby-dance. I’ll bet you my $4 coffee money that if you are not yet a parent then you were living in ignorant bliss about this nice little phrase. Not anymore. Now you know and I bet you are all grossed out.

Well, you just wait as I’m not even close to done yet!

A couple of weeks ago “a friend” (it’s always a friend I know, but seriously, it IS) told me one of her baby-dance stories and it was sooooo amusing I begged her to let me share it with you.

For all you baby dance virgins out there let me assure you, this is pretty typical of sex according to the ovulation stick,

especially if you have been trying for awhile. Goodbye spontaneity, hello pressure.

Here’s the story: 

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