Why I am not celebrating Kate Middleton’s Post-Pregnancy Appearance

Disclaimer – First, this is not for Kate Middleton’s Fans. 🙂 Second, I am happy for Kate Middleton’s new arrival and how splendid she looks. Third, this is strictly my opinion on the subject matter. So, KM fans please don’t kill me! 😉

The whole Internet town is buzzing with Kate Middleton and Baby boy George Alexander Louis. The latest one being “Kate Middleton Looked Goddam Fabulous Today” by the Daily Beast which said –

“That hair, that dress! The duchess looked absolutely radiant as she emerged with her newborn son in London. How does she do it?”

prince william and kate middleton's royal baby

I thought to myself, really, are you asking or stating this??! She is a Duchess you fool and has a rolodex of stylists, hair-dressers and designers around her to make sure the first appearance post child-birth leaves a lasting impression. How does she do it? Don’t you know it already! :p

Another article said, “Congratulations are in order for the royal couple for finally welcoming their new baby boy! The “new mother glow” is definitely not a myth because Kate Middleton, 31, looked stunning as she left St. Mary’s Hospital on July 23, just one day after giving birth. Keep reading for the new mommy’s beauty look as she leaves the hospital after welcoming her new bundle of joy!”. Please do not miss the emphasis on “the new mother glow is NOT A MYTH” statement.

I was particularly appalled how some women reacted to this story on HollywoodLife, especially this one – “Kate has a beauty both inside and out. Even when she was pregnant and after giving birth, she still has the same beauty. Whereas Kim Kardishian looked like a beached whale.” OMG, seriously! You care! Now, can you blame men for passing statements or judging women for how they look?

This one really made me laugh, really – The Hunger Games actress Elizabeth Banks tweeted, upon seeing Kate, “Honestly, I am more impressed with Kate’s blow-out than the #RoyalBaby which looks just like a human baby. But that hair!”

I am really impressed with Elizabeth Banks’s observations about Kate and the royal baby. Of course, we didn’t expect Kate to give birth to an Alien, did we? But yes, we certainly didn’t expect her to step out looking perfect or her hair to be really outta-this-world. No, we didn’t. I get the point. Thank you Ms. Banks for pointing that out. Sorry I didn’t notice, I was too busy trying to catch a better look of the new born baby who innocently lay in his mother’s lap, which to me was a beautiful (mesmerizing) sight. Oh no her hair, sorry didn’t really notice that! <sneer, sneer> The party ended for me right there!

George Alexander Louis

So, NO – I am NOT celebrating her hair or her look. Rather, Kate’s radiant post-pregnancy look only reminds me how I felt and looked after my Kiddo’s birth – nothing short of a half-boiled potato still simmering in a pot or maybe like a ‘beached whale’ or something. (sic) I remember feeling drowsy, in pain and completely exhausted even ten days after. I didn’t look or feel pretty. I felt grumpy and tired. My hair was all over the place and that ‘beauty glow’ was gone.

Prior to this, I read an article on Daily Beast about how Kate made no qualms about showing off her post-partum belly in a beautiful blue polka-dot dress and how it has done more for new mums’ self-esteem than any other role model. Nice. But It didn’t take us long to fall into the same damn rut by contemplating, discussing and debating on Kate’s gorgeous appearance a day after the birth of her baby.

Isn’t this countering the messages we are trying to put across to the expecting or new mothers about being healthy and not feeling ashamed or embarrassed of their post-partum body? By calling attention to Kate’s physical appearance and beauty glow, we seem to have subtly raised the standard for the new-mums-to-be. I won’t be surprised for Daily Beast to do a follow up on, “How to get Kate’s Post-Partum Beauty Glow or Get that Glow NOW” or wait, “How to not look like a twig after the birth of your baby”. I won’t be surprised to see such articles surfacing – any time soon, perhaps by the same women who feel calling a new mum a ‘beached whale’ is okay. Really, what’s wrong with us?

Unknowingly, Kate just set a new standard of post-partum beauty! 

This further emphasizes on the fact that no matter how much we rally for women for they should not be judged by their beauty or appearance – in reality WE ALL DO – silently, subtly and sometimes overtly. So, I do understand, that there was no way the new mum Kate could have avoided the public scrutiny about her hair, baby bump, skin, clothes et all and therefore she seemed prepared to face it – bravely – with her perfect hair.

Question is, did it matter to media or to anyone what Prince William wore or what he looked like? Something happened to him too – he became a father – to the third in line to the throne. I am sure it was a life changing experience for him too. But reality is we are not expecting anything from William. Does it matter what the dad was wearing? He is a proud father and that is enough. It also seems that the media is careful about commenting anything about the Prince. He is a man after all. Men are admired for their wealth, skill and power. Women, well, beauty – still.

I wish we would stop fussing about how women look post-pregnancy and how fast Kate or any other celebrity new mum is going to get back to her pre-pregnancy hour glass figure.

Undoubtedly over the coming weeks the Duchess will work hard to regain her figure, but on her first appearance as a new mum she’s proved herself a healthy role model for real mums around the world.” – Daily Beast.

Really, why is it so important, whether a new mum has a big bump which proudly declares she is a MUM or has an hour-glass figure like Victoria Beckham even after child birth? Our bodies are different. We are all different and unique.

As Jade Beall of Jade Beall Photography said, “One day, there will be no media shaming the body of a new mother and only praise for the incredible feat of making a human while celebrating how EXQUISITELY different we ALL are after giving life to a new baby….”

‘nuf said. I rest my case.


13 thoughts on “Why I am not celebrating Kate Middleton’s Post-Pregnancy Appearance

  1. I was joking on facebook last night that after my next baby I will be getting a makeover and a blow dry before leaving the hospital thanks very much. I think we are all aware of what has taken place but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Kate did indeed look radiant when she appeared with her new baby. And seriously, what did we expect her to do? I don’t know one person who wouldn’t have done the same thing if the world’s media was waiting on the doorstep for them to emerge. Best food forward and all that. Incidentally I actually did notice what William was wearing! There are a couple of pics around comparing Wills & Kate’s appearance to Charles’ and Diana’s at the same event after Will’s birth. Charles is wearing a full suit and tie but 30 odd years later Wills was in black jeans and a collared unbuttoned shirt. I love the difference. It shows how far we’ve come that no one complained about it!

    • Oh yeah, I noticed that too (about Will) but read very little about it. I can totally imagine indulging in a beauty fix if faced with such a similar situation. I guess you can not but succumb to the pressure of looking good unless you are like “i don’t give a damn” but once you have someone like Kate who has established the idea of looking picture perfect all the time, it is hard to not live up to that image of beauty. I am sure all she wanted to do was look her radiant best, which she did and how but one cannot ignore how it impacts perhaps the other celeb mums-to-be. For all of them, Kate would be the new benchmark.

      I just read an article on DailyMail which pretty much said the same thing – “Three in four mothers-to-be feel pressure to look good because of high standards set by ‘yummy mummies’ like Kim and Kate”.

      Also, it is the same as telling a young girl how pretty she is looking which apparently is like teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything, which in-turn puts them under pressure of living up to that image of “looking good”. I guess we can’t do much about it can we! 🙂

      I can ramble on but thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2334931/3-4-mothers-feel-pressure-look-good-standards-set-Kim-Kardashian-Kate-Middleton.html#ixzz2a4XUWd8q

      • Beautiful celebs are always putting pressure on joe average by their beautiful looks so it makes sense it extends to yummy mummies too. It is sad and unfortunate. I wish I knew how to change it. I’m not sure about the telling girls they are pretty thing. I tell little boys they are very handsome too and it is nice to tell people in general that they are looking great. It’s also nice to hear if someone tells me I am looking great just the same as it is also nice to hear if someone thinks I’m smart. All these things have value. With appearance it’s not because I want to be the hottest person in the room but because if I am putting in an effort with my appearance for myself then it is nice if other people notice that.too. Just like it’s nice if they notice that I am helping them achieve something and they say thank you.

  2. Very very good points. How can we possibly expect every woman on earth to have the same body pre or post partum amazes me.
    We put too much pressure on ourselves, and it’s ridiculous!
    My take on the Royal Baby:

    I also thought this might be fitting as well: To us, the (im)perfect Moms.

    And this: On Motherhood, bullying, and being pretty.

    If you have the time, I’d love your take on them. They all seem to somewhat tie into what you are saying in your post.

  3. The Internet changed everything, not the least being how “watched” anyone worth watching may be. When I was twenty, looking down the road to the future of marriage and bringing home baby, I had very few images to muster. Not many moms were covered in “entertainment news”, heck, there wasn’t even anything called entertainment news. The images I had on my head were of frames photos on my parents piano of mom in a perfectly tailored dress, dad in a suit and a bundle of joy swaddled in white in from of their house or the church, because the first photo taken of ” family ” usually was at the baptism, not curbside on the way out of the hospital.

  4. I agree. Infact, I don’t have any pictures of me post-birth. I just wanted to go home and sleep. I think we did click a pic of me and 40 day ol’ kiddo. The images that media projects of women puts so much attention not just on celebs but ordinary folks like us too. Today expecting mothers are far more fashionable than I was 7 years ago when I was expecting my girl. And hence the pressure to look good post childbirth too. Now we see a big discussion in UK media about how soon Kate will revert to her lean figure. Such rubbish! I have realized the more you give them, the more they expect.

    Thanks DFF for dropping by and ‘follow’ love. I would love to learn more about you. 🙂

  5. Sorry but I couldn’t help myself lmao@ the half-boiled potato still simmering in a pot or maybe like a ‘beached whale’ or something.
    This is something Kate and many celebrity mothers will never get to experience, since their are expected to look/feel like they have just come out of a spa after delivery :'(.

    Glad us earthlings don’t have to compare or feel the needs to be competitive with these Super natural race of perfections of beauty and grace.

    So Hail to my fellow earth mothers, to those who felt like half boiled potatoes, the ones that felt like they have been hit by express train and least; let’s not forget those who look humans after having their private parts feeling like it’s been ripped by sharks, stomach sliced like a birthday cake. And Yes while being busy bring a beautiful creature into this world, sorry for forgetting to hire a stylist to make sure all the hard efforts of child birth didn’t leave a mark on her devine body.xox

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