Top 5 Fun Stuff Every Birthday Party Must-Have!

Super Fun Must-Have #1 : A Photo-Booth

I absolutely love photo booths. Kids have a blast playing with accessories and getting themselves clicked. Not just that, it is super fun for the parents too! Now, who doesn’t like a fun pic! For an extra special memento, take a picture of each birthday guest with the birthday girl or boy and include the photos in thank-you notes you mail out after the party.

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

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Super Fun Must-Have #2:Theme Music 

This is an absolute must-have! Actually, it should be the number one your list! No matter where you are having your kiddos birthday party, invest time in finding music which matches your theme. If you don’t have a specific theme to a party, ask your kiddo and friends which music/songs are on top of their list and make a birthday playlist. You can even copy the playlist and gift CD’s to each individual kid as a party favor.

Last year, I threw my daughter a Jungle Party. I think what really did the trick, apart from the decorations, was the Jungle music. Check out my Jungle Mix on SoundCloud. Feel free to download it and share it or play it on your kid’s next Jungle Party. 🙂

Great Birthdays have great music!!

Great Birthdays have great music!!

Hear this Jungle mix and you would know what I mean. <wink> It’s got all sorta animal sounds mixed with some really cool world music.

Super Fun Must-Have #3: Karoke/Mic

We all know how most kids are attention grabbers and a Mic helps them to do exactly that. Even if you don’t have the full Karoke system, you can still get a Mic and get kids to sing along or just play hosts to the party or to their own personal show.

My kiddo usually feels shy about expressing herself on the mic, especially in school but at birthday parties, she loves rambling on the mic. I say, leave a Mic at the party and see how kids take to it. They make some noise but then who wants to quiet birthday parties, hunh??! 🙂


Super Fun Must-Have #4: Wearable Accessories

Wearable party favors are a great way to build your own theme party! You can pick a bunch of wearable accessories for kids from your local shop or an online store and put them on display or hand it to the kid before you go snap-snap. Get them to strike a pose and your job is done. The kids love stuff they can experiment with and wearable accessories do just that!

Accessorize 'em!

Accessorize ’em!

Super Fun Must-Have #5: Fun Party Spirit

Don’t just throw a party, plan an experience! There is a lot of stuff you can prepare at home and get it for absolutely no-cost. Just a fun attitude and loads of awesome spirit will do!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Fun Stuff Every Birthday Party Must-Have!

  1. Birthdays are my absolute favorite holiday! They make you who you are! I always celebrate big time – and I LOVE the idea of making a low cost photo booth! Thanks for the great tips!

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