My Awesomeness List #1: Laughing with Mom

#1  Laughing with Mum

cutcaster-photo-100141247-Mom-and-daughter-laughing (1)

Source: Cutcaster-photo

Me and Mum have many, well, many-many disagreements. We are both strongly opinionated. There are times, we even agree to disagree. Sometimes, we just leave it at that. Sometimes we feel this can never fixed. BUT, that  said, we have some really awesome moments too. Like the one I had today. When we both went for our Vitamin D shots. I am not sure why but the thought of us getting shots together kinda cracked me up but we laughed, we laughed hard regardless of the nurses and doctors!! I think the nurse thought we were funny too cos I caught her smiling while injecting me. :p

So, midst all our rainy days, when the sunshine of laughter peeps through the dark clouds, it feels SO AWESOME. 🙂

Me and Mum

Me and Mum

When did you last share a joke with your mum? Was it Awesome? Share your awesome story in comments. 😀

More Sunshine to you and all the mumz!!!


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