10 Weekend Frugal Family Fun Activities

Make the most of your upcoming weekend, and plan for one (or more!) of these fun outdoor activities!

1. Wish on a star: Visit the Local Planetarium

What you learn will depend on the planetarium you visit, the shows they offer and perhaps even who you visit with. A group of 11 year old school kids will learn different aspects of astronomy to say an astrology group watching a specific show about the 12 signs of the zodiac. Most planetariums seem to have their standard pre-recorded shows but also offer themed shows for the time of year. Nearly all planetariums will have static or interactive displays in their building from which you can learn a lot before you even enter the theatre’s dome.

So what will the experience be like? Awesome and unforgettable!

Preferably for Age Groups between 6 to 14+


2. Let Out a Roar: Visit the Local Zoo

Animals in general are attractive to many people, particularly children and visiting the Zoo is a great way to teach them about Animals.

There is nothing better than an actual elephant to teach the concept of elephantness. What is big? What is a trunk? What is an elephant? That can all be taught instantly by viewing a living, breathing elephant. No video, no Web site, no book can do that as effectively.

Zoological Park Delhi

Zoological Park Delhi

Many people like going to the zoo to see the animals and enjoy being able to walk around. I know that when I go to the zoo I enjoy being able to see all the animals that are not common in my area and learn about them. I know kids enjoy being able to go to the zoo because it is very educational and enjoyable for them. But I guess what gets them really excited is to see the animals from their storybooks come alive. We have been to the Zoo many times and the girls are used to seeing live animals but the first time we visited, the girls squealed in excitement and even invited Mr. Spotty (Leopard) for dinner. It still cracks me up!

3. Jurassic it up: Visit a Local Museum


There isn’t a child I know who isn’t fascinated by dinosaurs, which is why the National Museum of Natural History is a great option for them. Yes, there is plenty else, but the massive dinosaur exhibits roaring and moving menacingly definitely stealsthe show.

Preferably for Age Groups between 4 to 11+

4. Chug Along

If you have a rail museum close by, I recommend you take the kids there this weekend. Lots of lovely engines, things to do, fantastic place to spend quality time.

I loved the old trains and carriages and I think that if the railways took a look at these, then potentially more people would respect the railways and respect the prices they demand.

Must-visit for your young kids and older ones too. 
Preferably for Age Groups between 4 to 11+

5. Science Magic: Visit the local science center


The National Science center is a fascinating place for children. There are a host of science experiments for kids to do. While, it is enjoyable, it can be a great educational experience too.

Preferably for Age Groups between 8 to 15+

6. Plan a Picnic Lunch

Taking picnics with kids can get overlooked as free summer fun because it seems complicated. And there’s never enough time on the weekends!

But who says this summer activity must be limited to weekends? I like simple picnics on summer weekdays when I’m working and the kids are home. If it’s not too hot, we may take a picnic break at lunch, but dinner picnics give them something to look forward. If you’re going to a city to visit a museum, scout out a nearby public garden for a lunchtime picnic or picnic on the museum grounds before you enter.

These pictures are from last year though but when it’s not too hot, we like taking a picnic break in a park close by.

Deer Park, Delhi

Deer Park, Delhi

7. Have a Crafty day at Home

Build a tent, bake a cake, read a book, take on some DIY projects with your kids, paint a wall; there is loads of stuff you can do at home with your kiddo. Open the doors and windows, let the fresh air come in and spend some real one on one time.

Book, Cook, Bake, Take, Play, Draw..Have fun!

Book, Cook, Bake, Take, Play, Draw..Have fun!

8. Attend a Concert

Delhi Music & Dance Performance

Delhi Music & Dance Performance

I personally love going for concerts with my kiddo. Together, we have attended a number of musical and dance concerts, from Jazz to Western Classical to Indie music. Over the last couple of years, Zi has developed a fine ear for music, and apart from exceptional days, she loves listening to music and attending concerts. 🙂

9. Let’s Read: Visit the Local Library

Encourage the love for reading and books by taking the kids to a library this weekend.

It’s never too early to foster a love of reading in your children. One of the most wonderful resources at your disposal when it comes to getting kids to read is located right in your neighborhood: your local library. Read here why you should make a visit to the library with your kids!

If you are in Delhi or visiting, check out local book reading clubs for kids. You can also visit the British Council in Delhi with your kids. There is an activity zone for kids, which both of you can enjoy. 🙂

Read a book

Read a book

10. Have an Artistic Adventure: Visit the Local Art Gallery

I know there are people who think “why take a child to an art gallery, they will get bored and behave badly”, but I have never been the one to follow a norm when it comes to raising a child. It is quite interesting to see how a child interprets art and art pieces. I like the way it moves my 7 yr ol’ girl. Infact, a friend of mine works at an Art Gallery, so every time we are int he vicinity my girl insist that she wants to visit the gallery and see “what’s new”. All exhibitions may not be child friendly but you can always check online or read about it before visiting.

Read this article for some interesting tips on how to prep your child for visiting an Art Gallery. You can also ask them to pick their favorite art piece and draw it on paper or ask them to draw something from their imagination and put it on their scrapbook as a reminder of their first visit to the Art gallery. You can also buy some souvenirs from the shop or make your own, something which marks their first visit to the art gallery.

Interesting read: Four-in-10 children ‘have never been to an art gallery.

India Art Fair

India Art Fair

India Art Fair

India Art Fair

Sing, Play, Laugh and have loads of fun this weekend!

Do share what would you be doing this weekend with your family and kids? And if I have missed a family favorite? Tell us below in the comments!


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