Zangoora: Events Around the City



India’s answer to Broadway, Zangoora the Gypsy Prince is the biggest Bollywood musical ever.

Kingdom of Dreams, Sector 29, Gurgaon


Event Details

Introducing a brand new genre of entertainment where storytelling & Bollywood style song & dance meet stagecraft and technical wizardry like never seen before. In a world class theater like Nautanki Mahal, enter a world of entertainment that brings the best of Indian and International talents to create a Bollywood spectacle live on stage that is truly cinematic. Sound, Light, Video, Animation, Special Effects, Aerial Choreography, Stunt, Magic and much more to create this spectacular event. Some of the best talent from the world of Bollywood, Television, Theater and Live Events feature in the show.

Language: Hindi
Performers: Hussain Kuwajerwala, Kashmira Irani, Gauahar Khan, Sadanand Patil
Directed by: Viraf Sarkari
Bronze: Rs. 799
Copper: Rs. 1199
Silver: Rs. 1599
Gold: Rs. 1999
Platinum: Rs. 2499
Diamond: Rs. 3499

Age Group – While, your young kiddo would also enjoy this but I’ve personally seen kids over 6 to really enjoy the show.

Thumbs up: The show is absolutely spectacular and you and your kiddo will love it! If you are going with an older kid (6-7+), it is likely that you will enjoy it more, as older kids tend to be more patient and can sit in one place for long. 🙂 Must visit for families!!  If you go to the culture gali, you can avoid travelling all over India. You can dine and wine all the flavors of India in absolute grandeur at very sensible prices

Thumbs down: None actually. The show is super vibrant. The only con is that your child may actually get tired of sitting in one place for this long. The snack option is not very interesting.

Here are some of our pictures of KOD! Enjoy!

Chole Bature

Yummy Food at the KOD Cafe

Kingdom of Dreams Interiors

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Kingdom of Dreams

I want to take him home!

Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams

Culture Gully

Culture Gully


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