What Happens When Your Mother Tells You She Is Fat

Really liked this post. Hope you enjoy reading it too!

Awesome Åshild

I stumbled upon this very interesting article today, an open letter from a daughter to her mum, about how she was seven years old when she discovered her mum was fat, ugly and horrible. Because her mum told her so herself and mums don’t lie. I recommend reading it here, it is so true how mothers are role models for their daughters and they can affect their daughter’s whole life by worrying about their weight. I am lucky enough to have a mum who has never been on a diet. She is strong and brave and I have never heard her say ‘I can’t do that‘ because she is more of a handyman than most guys I know. I have never heard her say ‘I can’t eat that‘ either. She is not the skinniest woman on earth, thankfully, because I don’t think a skinny woman…

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