Mothers ~ Honor Your Body~

Original Post by Jade Beall Photography:


“When a woman believes she is authentically beautiful, she frees herself from the overwhelming prison of self-doubt & feeling unworthy and instantly becomes a role model of self-love for our young girls & boys.” – Jade Beall Photography

A Beautiful Body project is movement of women coming together to tell their stories and celebrate their ever-changing bodies so that future generations of women can live free from self-suffering.

The first element of the project is going to be a book of 100 or more black-and-white photographs of mothers accompanied by their own stories in their own words about her own personal journey with what beauty and feeling beautiful in a culture that alters over 90% of all media means to her.

Please support this project via kickstarter:

and find out more about it on their website:

Please give some *love* to – We found this post on their FB page! 🙂 Thanks!

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